Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to get started and create my own VAL Community?


An Amazon Echos show (to be used by the primary member)

An Amazon Account for the primary member (Amazon accounts are free)

A subscription service for Voice Activated Living - click here

The VAL mobile app for the host member and other community members (Apple iOS)


How do I create a VAL Community?

You can create a community on the website using your laptop or desktop computer. Mobile community creation is not yet supported.


What is a private social network?

Private Social Networks, like VAL communities from Voice Activated Living, are invite-only, closed community networks composed of only those family members and friends you choose.


Does the Primary Member of the VAL Community need to have an Amazon account?

Yes. There are two options for getting started. Option 1: Use the Primary Member’s existing Amazon account, or Option 2: Create a new Amazon account for the Primary Member. An Amazon account is free and does not require a Prime membership to use the VAL service.


Does the Primary Member need Wi-Fi to use VAL?

Yes. The Primary Member of the VAL Community will need Wi-Fi to connect to the Echo Show.

Do all members of the VAL Community need to have an Amazon account?

No, only the Primary Member using the Echo Show is required to have an Amazon account to use VAL. The Host Member may set this up prior to use by the Primary Member. All other community members simply use the VAL app to stay engaged.


Does the Host Member of the VAL Community control who is in the VAL Community?

Any member of a community can invite others to be part of the community, but the Host Member may remove members from a community.


What can members of the VAL Community do?

Members of a VAL Community share memories, messages, and recommendations to the Primary Member. VAL members can also see what other members are sharing to the Primary Member’s voice activated device. The VAL Community members interact with the Primary Member and with each other through the integrated VAL app.


Can I be in more than one VAL Community?

Yes! Members can be in an unlimited number of communities, as long as they are invited, at no charge.


Can there be more than one Primary Member in a VAL Community?

VAL Communities are designed for a single Primary Member.

Where can I get help with my Amazon Echo Show device?

Please visit Amazon Echo Show support.


Where can I buy an Echo Show and what do they cost?

You may buy an Echo Show on


What about Alexa listening to me when I don’t want it to?

All Alexa devices come with a mute button, this prevents them from listening to you. In addition, you can learn more about Amazon’s privacy policy by clicking here.


Does VAL work on Google Nest Hub, or Andriod?

Not yet. Right now VAL only works with Alexa and iOS devices


What is an Amazon Echo Show?

A popular voice activated device with a video screen that comes in various sizes, answers verbal questions, shows photos, and allows for hands-free video calls. They are simple to set up, simple to learn, and are inexpensive. Learn more about Alexa by clicking here.


How does VAL make an Echo Show better?

The most popular feature on an Echo Show is the simple video calling, and it works great.

Additional functionality is created by third parties, similar to apps for smartphones, but called skills. VAL is a skill that allows members to share things like video messages, and also an app that will enable members to see what other members are sharing. Sending video messages and seeing what others send is made possible by VAL.