• Jeff Wasson

Voice Activated Living — Bridging the Generational Digital Divide

Our Mission

Voice Activated Living empowers families and friends to laugh more, think more, want more, and smile more.

What is the generational digital divide?

Quite simply, it is the difference in how different generations use technology.

Teens have a high diet of texting and apps, hardly using the phone as a phone at all; young adults and middle-aged adults often focus on productivity and have more income to spend on high-end products; a higher percentage of older adults — though certainly not all older adults — face particular challenges with digital devices and services.

Why does the generational digital divide matter?

Frankly, because it leaves certain older adults out of the loop, provoking feelings of frustration, isolation, and even loneliness, for both them and their family and friends. This a real problem faced by tens of millions in the U.S. alone.

The world is increasingly an all-digital affair; think about how much communication happens through email, texts, photo sharing, and social media, then think about a loved one who does not use any of those channels, and think about what is being missed.

Families are increasingly separated by geographic distance, and 2020 certainly highlighted the difficulty of in-person visits, leaving phone calls and video calls as the only touchpoint for many.

Video calls are great, but the most important aspect of family engagement is still fully sharing our lives with each other. How do we stay in the loop with those loved ones who no longer participate in the non-call aspects of communication?

Easy: by allowing them to access video messages, audio messages, photos, and other content through a simple user interface that requires only their voice.

Voice is a superpower!

Keep it simple

In a world where even minor challenges are being addressed with increased complexity, wouldn’t it be nice to find some of life’s biggest and most important challenges answered in a simple manner?

Staying connected, staying engaged, and inspiring loved ones to smile, that matters - it matters a lot. Voice Activated Living makes happiness a way of life.